Customized ERP Software Development

Customized ERP Software Development

At leading software development company in Surat, we use the combination of technology and business expertise that helps our customers gain sustainable business growth based on the customer's requirements.

What is ERP Software Development

ERP is the term for enterprise resource planning. In short, this is the method of handling all essential business components such as planning, inventory, marketing, distribution, human resources, etc.

ERP software solutions are ideally designed to promote interaction between core business processes.

Nearly every modern company uses ERP software in one way or another. In general, these systems are scalable and store important business information in a central database.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having ERP software is that it can incorporate a number of processes that provide more efficiency to the whole business. For instance, the entire revenue cycle can be tracked from invoices that end with cash recipients.

ERP Software Development Services

Our team has extensive expertise in the ERP development software and the creation of fully-integrated applications to handle the workforce and processes, financial flows, and production processes. 

We provide high-end solutions for optimizing your existing business processes and monitoring your projects and resources.

Our Customized ERP software development services handle all the important business aspects such as inventory, distribution, marketing, planning, etc.


ERP plays a significant role in manufacturing, as it offers an integrated application system for controlling all production activities. ERP software comes with integrated toolsets to control the development, production processes, marketing, and sales.

Systems for Handling Business Process: 

At Siliconbrain, ERP software engineers have adequate skills in developing BPM and KPI assessment systems that allow strategic planning objectives to be achieved, business process management and staff performance monitoring.


To polish the business processes, we provide efficient accounting & finance ERP software development services. Our ERP experts understand the ERP better and have reasonably sound guidance on how to manage ERP software development processes effectively.

Human Resources Management (HRM): 

Our developers have proven track record in developing solutions for human resource management that have the ability to completely automate human resource management activities and monitor business process performance and key performance indicators (KPI).

Inventory Management: 

Businesses can conveniently handle all of their business operations, investments, logistics and inventory in one location with Our ERP inventory management solutions.

Advantages of Customized ERP Development ERP Software

No Compromise with Security: 

Data security is important, for a large organization in particular. With an ERP system, various user types can be granted different access rights. This increases the accuracy and integrity of data and reduces risks to data leakage.

Boost Productivity:
ERP’s development services improve the overall productivity of your company. The ERP program can help reduce manual operations, collect data quickly, and streamline business processes within the enterprise.

All Data in One Place: 

ERP software helps you to compile all your data to a single location, helping to keep it up-to-date and consistent.

Customizable Reports & Faster Data Process: 

Each system user can easily generate customizable reports with ERP development software. Now, to make important business decisions faster, you can access and evaluate data quicker than ever before.

Customer Service: 

Enterprise planning solutions help employees communicate more efficiently. A comprehensive ERP program, which offers easy access to customer information, improves the overall efficiency of customer service.

Why Your Company Need Customized ERP Development Software

At Siliconbrain, our ERP Modules are developed with a specific intent to deliver products or services that fulfill our client’s expectations. Our Customized ERP software offered a solution to the system's deficiencies.

These are the key features of ERP software.

·         Ensuring the confidentiality of the company’s data gathered in one location

·         Simplifying inventory and sales monitoring

·         A solution of single-purpose software

·         Improving collaboration among employees in different departments of the organization

·         Developing a single solution for analysis and reporting



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